Webinar Recording: What’s New with PFAS in Massachusetts and Across the US November 15, 2022

Poster for webinar recording November

Dr. Laurel Schaider is a Senior Scientist at Silent Spring Institute where she leads the Institute’s water quality research on PFAS and other contaminants of emerging concern. She studies PFAS chemicals in drinking water, consumer products, and food, drinking water contamination from septic systems, and environmental justice disparities in drinking water quality.

Attorney General Healey to sue PFAS Manufacturers

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced new litigation that seeks compensation from 13 manufacturers for the damages incurred from PFAS! In a statement made earlier today, Attorney General Healey stated: “Today, we are holding accountable the 13 makers of PFAS for producing, marketing, and selling firefighting foam containing these dangerous chemicals. We are also holding … Read more

Silent Spring Institute’s PFAS in Children’s Products Study

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition’s sister organization, Silent Spring, had its scientists test 93 children’s products; including furniture, clothing, and bedding for harmful PFAS chemicals. Their findings suggest that consumers can reduce their exposure to PFAS by steering clear of products labeled as water- and stain-resistant. However, choosing products marketed as “green” or “non-toxic” is not … Read more

Webinar Recording: Impacts of Community – Engaged Research and Advocacy on Action around PFAS in Diverse Populations, 2-10-22

June Jiao joined Silent Spring Institute as a research study coordinator in January 2021. Her work focuses on understanding the human health effects of PFAS contaminants in drinking water. She coordinates Silent Spring’s PFAS health study in two communities in Massachusetts—Ayer and Hyannis—as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the … Read more