Intern Testimonials

“My experience working with Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) as the Programs Outreach & Communications Graduate Intern has been immensely positive. As I worked to contribute toward the Coalition’s mission of preventing environmental causes of breast cancer through community education and changes to public policy, there was not a day that went by where the work did not feel extremely fulfilling. While I was able to demonstrate my strengths in this internship, I was also challenged and pushed outside my comfort zone into opportunities that allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills in the public health realm. I feel incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with MBCC over the last 7 months and feel fortunate to have been part of an extremely passionate and dedicated team working toward breast cancer prevention.”

– Amanda Anthony

“When I was first experiencing the scramble every sophomore in college goes through in searching for summer internships, I wanted something that was remotely related to the field that I was interested in, and something that would look good on my resume. I remember frantically searching through website after website, applying to any and every internship I could. That’s when I stumbled upon Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, and I’m so lucky that I did. Even in my first interview with Executive Director Cheryl Osimo, I knew that this organization was one that I truly wanted to be a part of. Right off the bat, I could see how passionate every single member was. Now, after working with MBCC for more than a year, I am honored to continue to contribute to MBCC as a consultant. As a double major and double minor at Vanderbilt University, I work very hard, but still am constantly striving to be as driven and dedicated as the members of MBCC. It’s MBCC’s unique mission of cancer prevention that truly motivates its members as they seek answers to what is causing the disease through environmental research and advocacy. I am truly honored that I was chosen to be a part of MBCC where I get to contribute to this important cause.”

– Molly Briggs

“During my time working at the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, I enjoyed so many positive experiences. I got to apply everything I spent 4 years studying, to a very real and very personal cause. The only way I was able to succeed is because of MBCC’s entire staff and volunteers are some of the most driven, kind and wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. While working with Cheryl Osimo, Executive Director, I could immediately see her passion for this organization. She has a level of dedication that I have truly never seen before. Cheryl always took time out of her busy schedule to make sure I felt comfortable and supported. From my first day, she was dedicated to becoming a mentor, and I never felt that I was bothering her in any way with my questions. However, the best part of working at MBCC was the daily feeling of satisfaction of knowing that the work we were doing is truly helping.”

– Lauren Scott

– Jahnavi Kishore

– Balaji Kannappan