“The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition created a terrific curriculum to educate my students about the potential for exposure to harmful chemicals in their home and through other products that they use. My students knew the science beforehand, but their hands-on curriculum really took it to the next level and by all accounts seems to have had some lasting impacts on some student’s behaviors.”

— Elizabeth Carroll, teacher at Roxbury Latin School

“I am a 75-year old retiree living in SW Florida, a transplant from MA where I lived with my family for 35 years.  And, for the past 40 years, we have spent a month on Cape Cod during the summer – our home away from home.  While I try to do my share when it comes to supporting charities which are meaningful to me, I don’t typically get involved in projects which require me to ask people for money.  I’ve recently made an exception, however.

Living in Florida, it’s relatively easy (and important) to exercise outside (very few Snow Days or winter blizzards here!)  My routine includes a weekly bike ride of 12-15 miles and, while riding, I always listen to KOFFEE-FM, Classic Cape Style radio on my Bluetooth ear buds – a touch of Cape Cod from 1600 miles away.  On a recent ride, I heard a promo for a fundraiser for the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, a Bike for Prevention Bike-A-Thon.  Not only am I a fan of biking, but it so happens that my wife had her own battle with breast cancer a couple of years ago.  (I’m delighted to report that she conquered this dastardly disease and is absolutely fine!)

So, I did some research regarding this organization (since I’d never heard of it) and learned that it was reputable and doing important work for a great cause.  I decided to sign up, do some bike riding, ask friends and family to sponsor me (and, get myself a “free” t-shirt!).

I “bent” the rules a bit.  I decided to ride 100 miles – 8 outings of 12.5 miles each.  I asked 40-50 friends, family members and neighbors to sponsor me at $1 per mile and suggested that they could choose to sponsor one day or multiple days.  My goal was to raise $1,000.

On Saturday, April 24, I completed the 100 miles.  And, at this point, thanks to the generosity of many kind people, I have raised almost $3,000!  I’m hoping for additional donations, but am thrilled to be able to support MBCC at this level.  To be sure, a few thousand dollars won’t cure breast cancer.  But, every little bit helps, and organizations such as this are fighting the good fight, “helping to make the world a better place for our children, grandchildren and future generations.”  Just as so many brave women have done for so long, we need to keep fighting this nasty disease.  I’m delighted that I could play a part in supporting these efforts.”

— Mike Kistler, 2021 Bike for Prevention Participant

“We have really enjoyed implementing the MBCC’s lessons in our Environmental Science and Chemistry classes at Boston Latin Academy. Boston Latin Academy is an inner-city public school serving 1,700 economically and culturally diverse students, grades 7 through 12, from Boston’s many neighborhoods. It is a vibrant and academically rigorous school, and we welcome the opportunity to provide our students with the interactive opportunity to learn how to reduce their toxic exposure.

The hands-on nature of the curriculum fully engages the students in discovery and awareness of the materials around, on, and within them. The programs we have experienced led to a variety of exciting discussions in class and further research outside of class—this is definitely something every citizen should participate in, especially our young adults. Some students even took the app home and got their families involved in learning about the different chemicals and ways to reduce exposure.

Overall it has been a great experience and we look forward to participating in the future!”

— Kara Stafford, teacher at Boston Latin Academy

— Jahnavi Kishore, 2021 Spring Communications Intern at MBCC

“The Let’s Talk Prevention: Actions You Can Take program provided my students with an important opportunity to take a step back and more carefully consider the impact of what’s in their environment and in the products they use. This is valuable information that will have a lasting impact on the choices they make in the future. Please consider downloading the modules offered with your students; tips and suggestions at your fingertips!”

— Sylvie Therrien, teacher at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School

“The Let’s Talk Prevention: Actions You Can Take program introduced my students to various environmental hazards that can be harmful to human health. It also provided my students with an important opportunity to take a step back and more carefully consider the impact of what’s in their environment and in the products they use. This is valuable information that will have a lasting impact on the choices they make in the future. This program helped my students connect with researchers and gain valuable knowledge about environmental health.”

— Carl DePuy, teacher at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School

“My students enjoyed and greatly benefited from the environmental health curriculum that MBCC created. It was fascinating to watch the students learn about the endocrine system and then start to understand and appreciate the implications of their decisions on their own body and on the environment. Many took their new knowledge and started making changes in their lives – to the products they use and the environmental impact they have. It’s sometimes hard to get high school students to really understand the long-term effects of their actions and decisions, but I know this curriculum helped bridge that gap. I just wish I had this information when I was in high school!”

— Sarah Orban, teacher at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall

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