Scene of Massachusetts today

MBCC was founded in 1991 by women concerned with the lack of attention to breast cancer.  Thanks to the overwhelming response to our call to action, Massachusetts became the first state to declare breast cancer an epidemic, we founded Silent Spring Institute to investigate the link between breast cancer and the environment, and now we are the state’s leading breast cancer organization.

At MBCC, we believe that prevention should be a primary focus in order to eradicate the disease. Unfortunately, the cancer industry emphasizes early detection, treatment, and finding a cure — at the expense of prevention. We aim to fill this gap and create the changes necessary so that future generations will not be forced to endure the emotional trauma of a breast cancer diagnosis and the subsequent painful treatment regimens.

MBCC challenges the exploitation of breast cancer by corporations who reap enormous profits from the disease and/or whose products have carcinogens linked to breast cancer.  As a result, MBCC advocates for increased resources to investigate environmental links to breast cancer that are present as a result of mammary carcinogens found in our air, water, soil, food, and consumer products in our homes and workplaces every day.

The members of our coalition, whether through formal organizational alliances, event sponsors, volunteers, anyone with a history of breast cancer, or anyone else supporting our cause, make a huge difference toward that goal of creating the public and political will to eradicate breast cancer. In fact, our members make our advocacy efforts a success!

We have won significant victories in our decades of operation, but there is still much work to do. Please join us in our work to eradicate breast cancer once and for all. We are dedicated to ending this epidemic!