End of the Year Appeal from Board Member Nancie Zecco

November 2023 Dear Supporter, In 2004, I was working as an oncology epidemiologist and researcher for a major hospital. It was late June, and I was returning home from a national oncology conference in Georgia. My flight had just landed in Boston when my phone rang. My daughter, Maria-Rose, told me I needed to go … Read more

Your year-end gift will support prevention in 2023!

Dear Friend, Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) is grateful for the help we receive throughout the year – not just financial support, but your support demonstrated through participation in our events and webinars, and by sharing with others information about the work we do to identify the environmental causes of breast cancer and to eliminate … Read more

Please Donate to MBCC’s 2022 End of Year Appeal – An Intern’s Perspective

Katie Lee, intern at MBCC

Dear MBCC Supporters, Public health practitioners seek to protect communities by preventing adverse health outcomes before they can occur. The intuitiveness of this core professional mission was a primary driver of my decision to pivot from a career in financial aid to the field of environmental health. Since January 2020 I have been pursuing a … Read more

Donate to MBCC’s 2022 End of Year Appeal – Dr. Jill Oxley

Dear Friend, Every year in October, we are reminded that breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women over the course of their lifetime. During this one month dedicated to breast cancer awareness, everywhere we look there are pink ribbons, pink hats, pink socks, and multiple campaigns to support early detection and treatment. Every Breast Cancer … Read more