PFAS-REACH Resources for Clinicians on PFAS

The PFAS-REACH team has created a new page of Resources for Clinicians on PFAS, including a new Continuing Medical Education (CME) course. These are intended to inform medical professionals about PFAS and improve health care for residents of PFAS-impacted communities and other people exposed to elevated levels of PFAS.

MBCC is working to improve knowledge of health harms related to environmental chemical exposures among clinicians.

Resources for Clinicians page (including links to CME course)

“Op-ed: Arming doctors with knowledge about PFAS pollution”

NASEM report

In July 2022, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine issued a new report that recommended offering PFAS blood testing for people who may have had elevated exposures and specific guidance on medical screening for people with elevated PFAS in their blood.

MBCC is proud to be a partner on the PFAS-REACH study.