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Webinar Recording: Breast Cancer in Younger Women from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds October 26, 2022

Poster for webinar recording by Dr Jill Oxley

Dr. Jill S. Oxley, MD, FACS, is a breast surgeon with Cape Cod Hospital and the director of the Hospital’s breast program. Her clinical interests include high-risk breast cancer screening and nipple-sparing mastectomy and oncoplastic breast surgery. Dr. Oxley is a member of MBCC’s Board of Directors.

2022 Against the Tide Event Results and Photos

Results provided by Second Wind Race Timing; click here to view the full results. Click here to see more photos from the Against the Tide events! August 13th, 2022 – Brewster Event: Winner: Time: Competitive Swim Female: Laura Kaser 24:02 Competitive Swim Male: Michael Sanky 25:00 5K Run Female: Rhiannon Vos 19:29 5K Run Male: … Read more

Attorney General Healey to sue PFAS Manufacturers

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced new litigation that seeks compensation from 13 manufacturers for the damages incurred from PFAS! In a statement made earlier today, Attorney General Healey stated: “Today, we are holding accountable the 13 makers of PFAS for producing, marketing, and selling firefighting foam containing these dangerous chemicals. We are also holding … Read more

Silent Spring Institute’s PFAS in Children’s Products Study

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition’s sister organization, Silent Spring, had its scientists test 93 children’s products; including furniture, clothing, and bedding for harmful PFAS chemicals. Their findings suggest that consumers can reduce their exposure to PFAS by steering clear of products labeled as water- and stain-resistant. However, choosing products marketed as “green” or “non-toxic” is not … Read more