Jared Woods

National Campaign for Consumer Safety Begins Today!

Environment and health groups across the country have launched a new campaign for consumer safety.  Using a list of over 100 chemicals of concern, groups are targeting major retailers to reformulate consumer products.  The full list of chemicals (including BPA, PVC and others) was sent to 10 companies yesterday along with a letter signed by … Read more

BPA Exposure In Utero Linked to Breast Cancer and Other Diseases

The French National Agency for Health, Food, Environment and Work Safety recently released a report adding to the evidence exposure to high levels of BPA have a range of health consequences – including breast cancer – especially for babies. Make sure you check out our Reduce your Exposure page for easy steps to reduce your … Read more

MBCC Supporter Shares her View on Prevention and Against the Tide

One of our supporters, Kathy Budreski, would like to share why she is inspired by MBCC’s emphasis on PREVENTION. She writes, “While there are many local and national “pink ribbon organizations” that raise outstanding amounts of money, more often than not, these conglomerate organizations do not address prevention. It is undoubtedly beneficial to focus efforts … Read more

Daughter’s Love for Mother Spurs Action

In honor of Women’s History Month, MBCC summer 2013 Senior Intern Julia Bacon would like to share a compelling story about her mother, to whom she dedicates her work to build MBCC’s Against the Tide events. Please join us in celebrating inspirational women this month by posting a story or quote about your own female … Read more