Board President attends the Mind the Store Day of Action

MBCC Board President Margo Simon Golden joined with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow on April 16th for their national “Mind the Store” day of action to raise awareness of toxic chemicals in consumer products found at Walgreens. Nationally and throughout the Commonwealth, concerned citizens descended on Walgreens to inform individual stores that the company as a whole has failed to take action to reduce the sale of products containing toxic chemicals.

Margo discussed the importance of such an action: “In a state like Massachusetts with such high rates of breast cancer, we urge Walgreens to make this shift to safer products and safer chemicals for our health. Every step we can take to prevent diseases like breast cancer is critical, this epidemic touches too many of us.”

As the demand for the reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act increases and the discussion of how the Chemicals in Commerce Act fails to protect public health; the focus should turn to the private sector to make substantive and meaningful changes to reduce toxic exposures for the health of consumers. All concerned citizens are encouraged to sign the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow’s petition in recognition that Walgreens should be aware of  and responsible for reducing the sales of products that contain toxic chemicals.