Fitness Tips

Thank you for registering to participate in Against the Tide! As we prepare for this heart-warming and energizing time together, we have put together some fitness tips to help you get to the starting line, shoreline or both!

Have a plan — Whether you are a seasoned runner, or about to take on your first 5 or 10K, having a training plan to follow will ensure that you toe the line ready for your event.

Be consistent — Once you have a training plan, do your best to follow it. Working consistently towards your goal will yield better results. Of course, all is not lost if you miss a run or two.

Tell lots of people your goal – Share your goals (both fitness and fundraising) with people who will harass you lovingly but endlessly if you get a little lazy.

Be ready to adapt  Life happens, and sometimes you can’t do what you originally set out to do. That’s OK, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember the big-picture, and readjust your goal accordingly.

Find a buddy — Training with a friend or group provides a great source of both motivation and accountability.

Rest & Recovery — Those rest days in your plan are an important part of your training. Don’t feel you have to train every day. On your non-running/swimming days, if you want to stay active, do some low impact cross-training, yoga or Pilates.

Prep for the big day —  Take it easy the day before the race so that you have plenty of energy for race day. If your goal is just to finish, rather than to be fast, then as long as you can comfortably do about 75% of the distance within a few weeks before the race day, on race day you’ll find the strength to go the full distance. We all have more strength and stamina in us than we realize, and the adrenaline of being with so many others in such an uplifting environment will give you the strength you need to go the distance.

Remember why you started — When you are feeling less than motivated for that next workout, it always helps to remember why you’re doing this. When you registered for Against the Tide, you decided to make a difference in the lives of women throughout the state by raising funds to support MBCC’s work toward preventing environmental causes of breast cancer.