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The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition is grateful to our sponsors who support preventing the environmental causes of breast cancer through community education, research advocacy, and changes to public policy.  These sponsors reflect a genuine commitment to the environment, public health, and the eradication of breast cancer for future generations.  Thank you for your continued support!

MGH Cancer Center

One such sponsor is Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center is an integral part of one of the world’s most distinguished academic centers, and is among the leading cancer care providers in the United States. Their mission is to advance knowledge and rapidly translate discovery into exceptional, personalized cancer care for their patients. Learn more about MGH Cancer Center by visiting their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Does Precision Medicine Lead to a Healthier Society?

A recent article in The New England Journal of Medicine raises some interesting questions about the pursuit of “precision medicine” as a public health initiative. In “Public Health in the Precision-Medical Era,” Drs. Bayer and Galea express concern that US public health policy continues to be largely focused on investing in clinical care, while ignoring […]

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Goose Hummock Continues its long-term support of MBCC

On August 15, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) will be holding its annual Against the Tide statewide fundraising event at DCR’s Nickerson State Park in Brewster, MA. Participants of all ages will swim, kayak, walk and/or run to raise money for MBCC’s work to end the epidemic of breast cancer through prevention. Phil Howarth, owner of […]

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Recent Genetic Research Highlights Importance of Reducing Chemical Exposure

The latest genetic research once again reinforces what Rachel Carson cautioned decades ago. “Like the constant dripping of water that in turn wears away the hardest stone, this birth-to-death contact with dangerous chemicals may in the end prove disastrous. Each of these recurrent exposures,​ no matter how slight, contributes to the progressive build-up of chemicals […]

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