Sisters Team Up to Support Breast Cancer Prevention

Dear MBCC Supporter,
Ali Crockett (right) with her sister Vi

In 2001, one of my sisters was diagnosed with breast cancer. The day she told me the news, she drove me to the hospital because I had a panic attack (thinking it was a heart attack)! I watched my sister be brave and calm while going through surgery and treatment. All the while, we walked many miles because that was a part of the healing process. Since then, there have been so many families I have known who have been affected by this disease. Too Many!

In 2002, my sister and I found out about Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) and their focus on prevention. This mission resonated with us and that summer we swam in the Against the Tide fundraising event. Since then our Team Do It Now has participated in the event every year.
What is my “Why?” What is my reason for this participation? On the surface, I would say, “It’s a worthy cause.” Then if I go a few levels deeper, I would say, “I believe in a healthier future.” Then if I still go further and further, I would say, “I want my niece’s young children and their children to live in a healthier society, without worrying about toxic chemicals in their environment.”
How can this be achieved? I would have told myself 19 years ago that this task was too large, too broad, too impossible. But now that I have seen the incredible work in research, legislation, education, and advocacy that the MBCC staff and volunteers do on a daily basis, I absolutely have hope. And, this is why I ask you to join us by giving your talent or treasure so that we can continue to create a brighter and healthier future for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.
Ali Crockett
MBCC Supporter