Environmental Health Education Program for Students

Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) is pleased to introduce an environmental health education program for students Let’s Talk Prevention: Actions You Can Take. This program is designed as supplemental, stand-alone classroom modules to enhance your current science, health, and environmental studies curriculums by providing real-world application of scientific content knowledge.

This environmental health education program is an extension of MBCC’s award-winning Let’s Talk Prevention: Reducing Toxic Exposures community education program and tour, which is designed to inform the community about the environmental risks for breast cancer and other diseases. MBCC has now partnered with scientists and educators to adapt and expand this environmental health initiative to foster a hands-on, inquiry-based high school curriculum enrichment tool. Through the Let’s Talk Prevention: Actions You Can Take classroom modules, MBCC seeks to bring this important health information to high school students across the Commonwealth.

The following classroom modules are now available, and more are in development:

  • Module 1 addresses how carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting chemicals can disrupt cellular processes, development, and increase disease risks, and helps students characterize their exposure to common toxic chemicals and develop strategies to reduce their exposures.
  • Module 2 addresses drinking water sources, issues related to safe drinking water access, different sources of contamination, health effects of some most commonly found contaminants in drinking water, and discusses some current cases dealing with these issues.
  • Module 3 addresses radiofrequency exposure (RF) from cell phones and wireless devices, the potential health impacts, and ways to minimize exposure.

For more detailed descriptions and to download each of these modules, click here.