Water Quality

Call to Action: Support Water Research Funding

Silent Spring Institute’s funding request put forth by the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) which is included in amendment #514, line item 7504-0100 will be debated in the Senate tomorrow, Wednesday, May 21. Senator Daniel Wolf (D-Hyannis) will sponsor and champion the request in this amendment which allocates $500,000 in the FY 2015 Senate budget for … Read more

Pharmaceuticals & Other Contaminants in Drinking Water: Silent Spring Institute Study Results

In the January 2014 issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Science of The Total Environment, Silent Spring Institute researchers published results of their most recent water quality research. Researchers tested 20 public water wells for 92 different wastewater-related contaminants. The most frequently detected contaminants were pharmaceuticals and perfluorosurfactants (used in many consumer products including food packaging, … Read more

Make Human Health Part of Wastewater Decisions!

Earlier this year, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition requested $375,000 in state funding for sister organization Silent Spring Institute so that they can expand their research on emerging contaminants in water on Cape Cod and in Southeastern Massachusetts. The Senate budget was recently released without funding for Silent Spring Institute. This research is needed to … Read more