Call to Action: Support Water Research Funding

Silent Spring Institute’s funding request put forth by the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) which is included in amendment #514, line item 7504-0100 will be debated in the Senate tomorrow, Wednesday, May 21. Senator Daniel Wolf (D-Hyannis) will sponsor and champion the request in this amendment which allocates $500,000 in the FY 2015 Senate budget for Silent Spring Institute to study environmental contaminants. Thank you to Senator Cindy Creem (D-Newton) and Senator Will Brownsberger (D-Belmont) who are co-sponsoring the amendment.

MBCC had requested funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for its sister organization Silent Spring Institute to study toxic chemicals in drinking water and homes in Central Massachusetts and on Cape Cod. This request for funding also would allow MBCC to launch education and outreach projects to disseminate research results to the public.

MBCC strongly urges citizens to contact their State Senators to request support for Silent Spring Institute’s funding so that Institute scientists may continue their research on Cape Cod and initiate important research in Central Massachusetts.

Please support this effort and take action by the end of this week.


 1. Click here to find your Senator’s contact information.

 2. Contact him or her via phone or email and request his or her support of the amendment (sample email message included below).

 3. Contact Senate President Murray ( or 617-722-1500) and Senate Ways and Means Chair Brewer ( or 617-722-1540) to request Silent Spring Institute funding support in the requested amount of $500,000. 
4. Email us at to let us know who you contacted.

5. Encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same! You can spread the word by forwarding this email or via Facebook and/or Twitter.


Sample email message:

Dear Senator ————,

As a member of your constituency, I’m reaching out to you with a request that you contact Senator Daniel Wolf to express your support of his sponsorship of Silent Spring Institute’s funding amendment #514, line item 7504-0100. Please also consider co-sponsoring this amendment.

We need more research conducted on exposure to chemicals like herbicides and consumer product chemicals, since they are so common in our daily environment, and many of these chemicals have been linked with breast cancer and other diseases. Without state funding, we will not get the answers we need about common exposures in Massachusetts.

Please contact Senator Wolf at 617-722-1570 or