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eNewsletter Archive

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Winter 2020

MBCC’s plans for the new year for both program work and upcoming events

Fall 2019

Three national health studies, Cell phone classroom module, Let’s Talk Prevention

Winter 2019

MBCC’s new Water Quality Campaign, Let’s Talk Prevention, New additions to the MBCC Board

Fall 2018

A new chapter for MBCC, Let’s Talk Prevention, Fall events

Spring 2018

MBCC ‘s advocacy work in support of clean water research, Let’s Talk Prevention high school program in the classroom, STEEP Science Day

Winter 2018

MBCC named Community Partner of STEEP, Let’s Talk Prevention Tour

Spring 2017

Update on Bill H.4166, Pilot Test of New High School Program, Let’s Talk Prevention Tour

Fall 2016

Update on Bill H.4166, MBCC Supporter Letter, Let’s Talk Prevention Tour

May/June 2016

Update on Bill H.4166, Flame Retardants Bill, Let’s Talk Prevention Tour, NSTAR/Eversource Update

March/April 2016

Women’s History Month, Falmouth Road Race, Flame Retardants Bill, Let’s Talk Prevention Tour, CIGNA Update, NSTAR/Eversource Update

January 2016

CIGNA Update, Against the Tide, Let’s Talk Prevention Tour, Parabens Research, NSTAR/Eversource Update

October 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Against the Tide 2016 Incentive, Let’s Talk Prevention Tour, NSTAR/Eversource Update

Jul/Aug 2015

MBCC Legislative Update, Against the Tide, Let’s Talk Prevention Tour, NSTAR/Eversource Update

May/Jun 2015

Frost Yourself with Kindness Event Recap, “Let’s Talk Prevention” Tour Dates & Locations, Against the Tide Fundraiser Spotlight, Falmouth Road Race, NSTAR/Eversource Update

Mar/Apr 2015

Against the Tide 2015 Registration is Open, MBCC Medical Advisor Responds to JAMA, “Let’s Talk Prevention” Tour and Multilingual Educational Materials, Earth Day, NSTAR Update

Jan/Feb 2015

Festival of {Giving} Trees, City Awake, “Let’s Talk Prevention: Reducing Toxic Exposures” Tour Dates and Locations, Research Updates Video Series Sement 10, 17th Annual Lesbians & Friends Dance, Widespread Herbicide Spraying from NSTAR on Cape Cod

Nov/Dec 2014

“Let’s Talk Prevention: Reducing Toxic Exposures” Tour, Holiday Greetings, Video Series Segment 9 on Silent Spring Institute’s Consumer Products Study, Tribal Chief to NSTAR: Stop Spraying

Sep/Oct 2014

This October Turn Awareness into Action, “Let’s Talk Prevention” On Tour, Video Series Segment 8, NSTAR Update, 2015 Against the Tide Event Chairs

Jul/Aug 2014

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center’s “one hundred,” Moving Towards a Cancer Free Economy Forum, Video Series Segment 7, Flame Retardant Update: Kaiser, NSTAR Update

May/Jun 2014

“Let’s Talk Prevention: Reducing Toxic Exposures,” Video Series Segment 6, Chemical Exposure Research Funding, New Silent Spring Institute Study, Herbicide Spraying, Mind the Store

Mar/Apr 2014

Video Series Segment 5, Water Research, The One Hundred, New CA Flammability Standard, TSCA Reform, NSTAR Update

Jan/Feb 2014

Special Message from Executive Director, New Program “From Industry to Home: Reducing Toxic Exposures,” Video Series Segment 4, NIOSH Update, NSTAR Update

Nov/Dec 2013

Turn Pinkwashing Into Prevention Wrap-Up, Video Series Segment 3, MBCC in the Media, NSTAR Update, 11th Annual Rachel Carson Harvest Dinner

October 2013

Turn Pinkwashing Into Prevention, American Chemistry Council Lobby Expenditure, Call for a No-Spray Commitment from NSTAR

Aug/Sep 2013

Against the Tide Results, Research Updates Video Series Segment 2, Chemophobia, NSTAR Herbicides, Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Jun/Jul 2013

Against the Tide, Research Updates Video Series Segment 1, DOMA, Silent Spring Institute Water Research Funding, TSCA Reform, Ban Poisonous Additives Act

Apr/May 2013

Testimony in Support of S.354 and S.387, Silent Spring Flame Retardant Research Cited by Legislators, Welcome to New Board Members!

Feb/Mar 2013

Valentine’s Day Wishes, Advocating for Change at the Statehouse, Reduce Your Risk, MBCC Goes Global, Eat Like a Mennonite, Upcoming Events

Nov/Dec 2012

Holiday Appeal, Breaking New Research, Honoring Theresa Heinz, Reduce Your Risk, A Message from our Sister Organization, Upcoming Events

July 2012

Safe Chemicals Act, BPA Victory, Pink Ribbons, Against the Tide, In the News, Essential Beauty Fundraiser

May 2012

Mother’s Day, Silent Spring Chemical Safety Screening Project, Flame Retardants, Mammography and Overdiagnosis, and New Cancer Subtypes

February 2012

Silent Spring on Unlisted Toxins in Consumer Products, Asian Breast Cancer Project Celebration, Open House, and Herbicides on Cape Cod

January 2012

2012 Strategic Plan, IOM Report Summary, Pinkwashing

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