Prevention Continues

We began our 31 Days Towards Breast Cancer Prevention campaign talking about the need to change the conversation during Breast Cancer Awareness Month from awareness towards action for breast cancer prevention.  Why?  We are all aware of breast cancer, know far too many women and men affected by the disease and spend the month of […]

Cleaning with Bubbles?

Scrub your dishes clean with products that don’t contain endocrine disrupting fragrances by trading your petroleum based soap for  a castile, glycerine-based, or other naturally derived liquid soap.  In fact, did you know that “bubbles” are added to most cleaning products as an aesthetic feature, they don’t actually help you clean better but, make you […]

Early Detection Is Not Prevention

Letter to the Editor in the Boston Globe from Diane Savitzky, Board Member, MBCC Early detection is not same as prevention October 23, 2011 IN THE interview with Dr. Susan Love ( “Ramping up cancer research,’’ G, Oct. 17), the interviewer asks, “Detecting cancer early isn’t enough to prevent it?’’ I think we do ourselves a […]

Video Action – Safer Alternatives

The Safer Alternatives Bill continues to be a top priority for MBCC.  As we’ve been highlighting all month, far too many chemicals with links to breast cancer are on the market in consumer products and services found in around our home.  This legislation sets up a program to change that by assisting businesses in switching […]

A New Body and a New Voice

By Kristi Marsh As temperatures drop in New England, plumes of vibrant fall color adorn my routine. Along with russet and pumpkin hues, seas of curvaceous pink breast cancer ribbons are omnipresent. Bits of coral flicker from baseball hats and sweatshirt logos. Professional football players suit up in pastel pink jerseys and hot pink shoelaces. […]