In the News: Environmental Estrogens, Water Contamination, and the Risks of Chest Radiation

Women at risk: Health problems linked to environmental estrogens Environmental Health News – July 31, 2012 — Scientists have long suspected a link between hormone-disrupting chemicals in the environment and gynecological diseases. Research investigating these links has had mixed results. Now several new studies are adding to the evidence that some estrogen-mimicking pesticides and industrial chemicals […]

In the News: Radiation Risks, Behind the Pink Ribbon Campaign

Radiation a major risk factor for breast cancer? Food – Sunday July 29, 2012 — Last December a committee of the Institute of Health released a study indicating that medical radiation and hormone-based therapy are two major risk factors for breast cancer for women in the United States… Read More “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” Challenges Cheerful Breast […]

BPA Victory!

After years of campaigning on the issue, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition announces a victory in the battle towards banning bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical linked with breast cancer, from our consumer products. The federal government has announced a ban on the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups beginning in Fall 2012.  Science indicates […]

Safe Chemicals Act

  Moments like this don’t come along very often, and the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition need your help. We want to ensure the strongest possible version of one of MBCC’s top policy priorities, the Safe Chemicals Act, a bill that would put common sense limits on toxic chemicals. Will you send a message to your Senators […]

Silent Spring on Hidden Toxins

Consumer Products Contain Potentially Harmful Chemicals Not Listed on Labels Health conscious consumers often pore over product labels trying to avoid certain ingredients. But those labels can be incomplete. A new Silent Spring Institute study shows that everyday products contain a wide range of potentially harmful chemicals, including many that are not listed on product […]