American Cancer Society updates their mammography guidelines

Recently, the American Cancer Society revised its guidelines on mammography screening, leading to a flurry of opinions flooding the airwaves as to which guidelines are best. The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition believes that the issue of screening is an individual one. We encourage all women to communicate with their physicians to determine the best path […]

MBCC at Work for you

From left to right: Representative Paul K Frost, Dr.; Laurel Schaider, Silent Spring Institute; Representative Gloria Fox; Margo Simon Golden, MBCC Board President; Representative Alan Silvia; Gerry Swift, MBCC Board Treasurer On October 21st we hosted an educational forum with Representative Paul K Frost (R-Auburn) for Massachusetts state Representatives and Senators. At the forum we […]

Redefining Breast Cancer Awareness

Autumn Leaves

Submit Complaints about NSTAR/Eversource Rights-of-Way Spraying Now

Submitted by Sue Phelan,  The Attorney General’s Office reports that there are few complaints/objections filed with MDAR related to the NSTAR/Eversource herbicide spraying this year. Complaints are necessary for the AG to investigate the spraying. They require documentation. Send your objections and report any questionable spraying activity you see. Ask the Attorney General’s Office to investigate MDAR (the […]

Letters to the Editor Make a Difference

The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) always appreciates when one of our supporters writes to their local news editor. We hope that all of our supporters will take the opportunity to get the word out to their respective communities about the importance of increased attention to environmental causation and prevention of breast cancer. Thank you to […]