BPA: Brief Summary

BPA – You’ve heard about it, you may know that it’s a chemical used in baby bottles and other kinds of reusable beverage containers, cans, sales receipts and other products.  But, do you know some of the research behind the concerns?  Here’s a sampling of research representing a few of the primary concerns with BPA: […]

Pesticide Alternatives

Creepy crawlers tormenting you? Before reaching for the chemical pesticide bug spray, we’ve got some alternatives for you to consider. For ants: place chili powder near entry points and wipe up their trails with soapy water. Keep counters clean and seal openings into the house with caulk. Repel insects with citronella candles. Kill your pets […]

Spa at Home

Hate it when that avocado you spent half your rent on starts to go soft? Try putting it on your face. Avoid harmful chemicals with an Avocado Carrot Cream Mask. It’s rich in Vitamin E, high in beta-carotene, antioxidants, calcium, and protein. Good for rebuilding skin collagen, improving tone and texture, and fading age spots. […]

Presumed Innocence Harmful

Innocent Until Proven Guilty Doesn’t Work Here Erin Boles, M.S.W., Interim Executive Director An LA Times article published this week entitled, “Environmental Links to Breast Cancer Hazy?” calls to question whether or not there are environmental links to breast cancer, and in the process undermines progress in this productive-though-resource-starved field of research.  By focusing on […]

Raise a Stink!

Pinkwashing has reached a new low this year. In the past, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition has supported Breast Cancer Action‘s Think Before You Pink campaign to demand accountability from companies who pinkwash in the name of breast cancer. We’ve seen pink alcohol. Pink buckets of fried chicken. Pink hormone-laden yogurt. But we’re genuinely shocked to see […]