$5 for 5 Days Campaign to support breast cancer prevention


Purchasing a cup of coffee for someone less fortunate. Paying for someone’s toll at a toll booth. Holding the door for the next person. Taking the trash out for an elderly neighbor. Spreading a simple smile to brighten a day. Giving $5 to support breast cancer prevention.

These are all random acts of kindness. Albeit small, these acts can have a large impact, not only for the individual whose life you’ve touched directly, but for the local and global community that we all share. Small acts of kindness multiplied can affect significant changes.

Today, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition launches the $5 in 5 days campaign to support Against the Tide participants. From Monday, August 4th through Friday, August 8th, we challenge you to complete one random act of kindness. Your $5 donation to an Against the Tide participant will not only support that individual and help them reach their fundraising goal for the event, but it will also support community outreach and educational programs conducted by the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition to prevent breast cancer for future generations.

Every Against the Tide participant is asked to raise $175 to support education and advocacy programs for breast cancer prevention. These participants advocate tirelessly for breast cancer prevention by holding raffles, posting flyers, reaching out to family and friends for donations, and of course joining us in Brewster on August 16th for our 15th annual Against the Tide event. Today, you can bring a smile to an Against the Tide participant’s face.

To participate in our $5 for 5 Days campaign, click the button below. Choose a participant at random, or find your friend or family member who is participating, and complete your act of kindness today:

Make a Pledge
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. -Aesop

Against the Tide consists of a 1-mile recreational or competitive swim, 2-mile kayak, 3-mile fitness walk, and 5K or 10K recreational or competitive run, as well as an Aquathon. This family-friendly and inspirational statewide event brings people from all demographics and abilities together with one goal in mind: breast cancer prevention. You may participate in one or more of the components in the event in any combination.


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