Mother’s Day Appeal

Kathy Budreski is a longtime supporter of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, with which she was inspired to get involved after her own breast cancer diagnosis — in order to protect her own daughter as well as future generations. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, please take a moment to read her touching story.

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A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning
unnecessary. -Dorothy C. Fisher


Children grow up and move away, but they never really leave us. I know I will never lose that deep-seated urge to protect my daughter. For all but one year over the past decade, my daughter and I have cherished our time together by attending an annual mother-daughter retreat. The one year I was unable to attend was due to the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer. That year I underwent a mastectomy, and all I could manage was brushing my teeth! Life will always present us with challenges, but breast cancer should not be one we pass onto our children.

The hardships I’ve had to endure in my own life just drive me more toward doing everything in my power to make sure my children and grandchildren do not have to live in fear. I am compelled to do all that is in my power to be as proactive as possible to prevent the dreaded disease of breast cancer from robbing us of an adventure filled life.

That is why I have joined the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) to help stop the breast cancer epidemic through prevention. Prevention means a life-threatening diagnosis will never frighten our children that they will lose a parent. Prevention means not passing this disease onto the next generation. Prevention means never questioning if your water, consumer products, or sofa are introducing chemicals of concern into your home.

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, now is the perfect time to think of our own mothers’ health and do all we can to protect our children and grandchildren. This Mother’s Day, please consider honoring the women in your life with a donation in support of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition. Every dollar donated supports MBCC’s community outreach and educational programs like the Research Updates Video Series and the newly launched  Let’s Talk Prevention: Reducing Toxic Exposures medical campaign.  

Gift the women in your life a world free of this pervasive disease; please click the “Donate Now” button below to support MBCC:

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