Marine Breast Cancer Victim Running Out of Options – Speaks for Prevention

Last year, we shared with you the story of Camp Lejeune Marine breast cancer victim Pete Devereaux. At the 2013 Against the Tide event in Hopkinton, Pete spoke about the exposure he unknowingly had to carcinogenic chemicals that led to his own unfortunate diagnosis.

Breast cancer is not only a women’s issue. More and more men are being diagnosed, making it increasingly clear that we must stop this epidemic. We simply cannot wait for this type of human evidence of what causes breast cancer. If we do, it will already be too late.

Pete and his daughter Jackie

Pete and his daughter Jackie

The cancer is currently attacking Pete’s spine, ribs, and hip. This metastatic breast cancer has no known cure, and sadly Pete is running out of options.

Pete’s involvement with the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) stems from his love for his wife and daughter, and his passion to leave the world a better place for future generations. MBCC is honored to welcome him as a speaker and walk leader at the Against the Tide fundraising event in Hopkinton, MA on June 21.

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MBCC’s annual statewide Against the Tide swim, kayak, walk, or run fundraising events benefit our work toward breast cancer prevention. They will take place on June 21 in Hopkinton, MA and on August 16 in Brewster, MA. To learn more about the events or to register, visit


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