Turn Pinkwashing Into Prevention


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This fall, we are ready to stand strong against the sea of pink ribbons coming out way with the launch of a new campaign: Turn Pinkwashing Into Prevention.

It’s time to take back a breast cancer movement which has been co-opted by pink organizations and corporate partners who sell products which contain toxic chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer and yet profess they are truly concerned with early detection and treatment. Turn Pinkwashing Into Prevention targets the key issues in pinkwashing: the refusal to acknowledge environmental links to the disease, lack of true prevention efforts, and the resulting failure to reduce breast cancer incidence (read more about pinkwashing here).


The Museum of Fine Arts, BostonMFA Letter Oct 2013sm

The campaign began with a letter to the Director of the MFA (click here to read the letter). The MFA was receptive to our message and expressed an interest in incorporating breast cancer prevention into their event.

An MBCC flyer about prevention will be made available throughout the month of October in the MFA Sharf Information Center. MBCC President of the Board of Directors, Margo Simon Golden, attended the illumination event on October 2nd. She was introduced and the MBCC mission statement was announced from the podium. Margo was also available after the program for questions from the public about prevention and environmental links to breast cancer.


Additional events:

At the Audre Lorde Breast Cancer Awareness Brunch on October 26th, MBCC will attend as a community sponsor. A flyer about breast cancer prevention and reducing exposure to contaminants of concern will be included in the goodie bags distributed to all event attendees.

Smith College was interested in turning their October 5th soccer match into an “awareness” game for breast cancer. After speaking with contacts at the Athletics Department, this match has successfully been transformed into a game for prevention. An MBCC flyer about breast cancer prevention and reducing exposure to contaminants of concern will be included in the game program distributed to every audience member. MBCC’s mission of prevention will also be acknowledged on Smith College social media accounts as well as during the live online game broadcast.

If you know of any pink events in your community which could use some prevention education, send the event name, date, and location to cosimo@mbcc.org. Your help will be instrumental to our success.

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