Team Tadlock Top Fundaiser at Hopkinton ATT

Team TadlockMBCC held its 21st annual Against the Tide swim, kayak, walk, or run fundraising event in Hopkinton, MA on June 22, 2013.  The event has raised over $78,000 so far, and donations are still coming in (donate here). This amazing success would not have been possible without the contribution of Team Tadlock, the highest fundraising team that raised over $2,800.  Team Tadlock was composed of members JT Harold, Michele Hoben, Lindsey Monahan, Melissa Ouellette, Dolores Pezzella, Bill Phillips, Julie Pierangeli, Megan Rodriguez, Katie Welch, Lisa Foley, and team leader Michele Phillips.

Many of the team members work for the Department of Youth Services in Massachusetts, and that is how they came together to form this incredible team, including some of their family and friends as well.  The team name came from the last name of Michele Phillips’ relatives who had passed away from breast cancer, though the each team member had their own family member or friend who was affected by breast cancer in mind.

Michele Phillips, an Andover resident, explained how she felt about the event, saying, “What the event stood for, and all of the people who were there not only to participate, but to support us…it made me excited. The only thing I can describe it as is incredibly excited.” When other members of the team were asked who led the team, the unanimous response was for Michele. As she later explained, “When people tell me ‘thanks’ I tell them not to thank me, but to join us instead.” Michele hopes to bring an even bigger team next year, to raise even more funds. You can make a pledge on Michele here untilSeptember 21, 2013.

MBCC invites people throughout Massachusetts to participate in the 14th annual, statewide Against the Tide Swim, Kayak, Walk, or Run event at DCR’s Nickerson State Park on August 17, 2013 in Brewster, MA.

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