Presumed Innocence Harmful

Innocent Until Proven Guilty Doesn’t Work Here Erin Boles, M.S.W., Interim Executive Director An LA Times article published this week entitled, “Environmental Links to Breast Cancer Hazy?” calls to question whether or not there are environmental links to breast cancer, and in the process undermines progress in this productive-though-resource-starved field of research.  By focusing on […]

Raise a Stink!

Pinkwashing has reached a new low this year. In the past, the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition has supported Breast Cancer Action‘s Think Before You Pink campaign to demand accountability from companies who pinkwash in the name of breast cancer. We’ve seen pink alcohol. Pink buckets of fried chicken. Pink hormone-laden yogurt. But we’re genuinely shocked to see […]

Eat Fresh, Reduce BPA!

Have you planned your meals yet for the week?  Eat fresh! This Silent Spring Institute study indicates that participants reduced their BPA levels by a whopping 60% in just three days by eating freshly prepared organic foods. Levels of the phthalate DEHP were also drastically reduced.  BPA has been linked to breast cancer, including altering […]

Reducing Chemical Exposure

What’s showering got to do with chemical exposure? Warm showers open up your pores allowing you to more easily absorb chemicals in your personal care products (several common chemicals used in personal care products have links with breast cancer) and you inhale airborne toxics from the water streaming over you. The Silent Spring Institute recommends using […]

Men with Breast Cancer?

Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina housed and trained thousands of Marine’s and their families in the early and mid 1980’s at a time when the base’s drinking water was found to be highly contaminated – it’s unclear how long this contamination had been present.  Solvents such as trichloroethylene, a degreaser, benzene and […]