Message from a Long-Time Supporter

Dear MBCC Supporter, For over two decades, Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) has focused on a unique mission: to eliminate the environmental causes of breast cancer through community education, research advocacy, and changes to public policy. In my work as an architect, I am seeing the building industry catch up with MBCC’s long-standing message that […]

Update on Bill H.4166

Perchloroethylene, breast cancer and prevention webinar recording

Additional resources provided by Dr. Richard Clapp: Aschengrau A, Rogers S, Ozonoff D. Perchloroethylene-Contaminated Drinking Water and Risk of Breast Cancer: Additional Results from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. Environ Health Perspect 111:167-173, 2003. Vlaanderen J, Straif K, Ruder A, et al. Tetrachloroethylene Exposure and Bladder Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis of Dry-Cleaning-Worker Studies. Environ Health Perspect 122:661-666, 2014. IARC […]

Eversource Update

Submitted by Sue Phelan, GreenCAPE In addition to the excessive 10 year tree cutting operation already announced by Eversource which will potentially push back their utility ROW (right of way) margins even deeper into private property, most Yearly Operational Plans (YOPs) for every MA town have already been submitted by the utilities, railroads, and other […]