Board President attends the Mind the Store Day of Action

MBCC Board President Margo Simon Golden joined with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families and the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow on April 16th for their national “Mind the Store” day of action to raise awareness of toxic chemicals in consumer products found at Walgreens. Nationally and throughout the Commonwealth, concerned citizens descended on Walgreens to inform individual stores that […]

Let’s Talk Prevention: A New Discussion Tool for Health Professionals and Patients to Reduce Toxic Exposures

  Living a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise, and limiting alcohol and tobacco use is important, but these important health initiatives will not reduce the burden of environmentally linked diseases. Additional changes must be made to reduce exposure to chemicals linked with health consequences including cancer, birth defects, reproductive problems, and more. The Massachusetts […]

MA Legislators Fail to Support Chemical Exposure Research

Unfortunately, Silent Spring Institute’s full funding request for $1,135,000 to expand its research on Cape Cod and in Central Massachusetts was not included in the FY 2015 House Budget that was announced on May 1st.  The funding request now moves onto the Senate for consideration in the FY 2015 Senate Budget. Senator Daniel Wolf (D-Hyannis) will sponsor and […]

Protect Your Family From Herbicide Spraying

Submitted by Sue Phelan ( or 508.362.5927) The corporate giant NSTAR/Northeast Utilities (NU) and others such as National Grid, the railroads and MTA are all poised to spray their toxic mixtures of herbicides over residential and public properties statewide. These corporations do not own the land in most cases. They only have easements over the […]

Support Environmental Health Research in Massachusetts


Ask your state Rep to co-sponsor the funding request for Silent Spring Institute to conduct water quality research.