Unscented, Not Fragrance-Free

Think “unscented” means that a product doesn’t contain fragrance? Think again. Companies will often use masking fragrances to cover up chemical smells, and these fragrances may contain endocrine disrupting compounds called phthalates. Phthalates are associated with cancer, impaired fertility, and male birth defects. To avoid those chemicals, look instead for products marked “fragrance-free.”  

Pharmaceuticals in Products?

By Erin Boles, M.S.W., Interim Executive Director Did you know that BPA was originally a pharmaceutical?  Chemists originally developed the compound to act as a synthetic estrogen, later replaced by DES – now a known intergenerational carcinogen – which was determined at the time to be a more “effective” estrogen replacement therapy.  As we know, […]

Federal Action – BPA

The week of BPA continues.  The American Chemistry Council (ACC) may have recently announced that BPA finally is no longer used in baby bottles and sippy cups (yeah!) (thanks to Mass. Dept. of Public Health for paving the way with a regulation banning the chemical from these products last year after advocacy lead by MBCC […]

BPA: Brief Summary

BPA – You’ve heard about it, you may know that it’s a chemical used in baby bottles and other kinds of reusable beverage containers, cans, sales receipts and other products.  But, do you know some of the research behind the concerns?  Here’s a sampling of research representing a few of the primary concerns with BPA: […]

Pesticide Alternatives

Creepy crawlers tormenting you? Before reaching for the chemical pesticide bug spray, we’ve got some alternatives for you to consider. For ants: place chili powder near entry points and wipe up their trails with soapy water. Keep counters clean and seal openings into the house with caulk. Repel insects with citronella candles. Kill your pets […]