National Campaign for Consumer Safety Begins Today!

Environment and health groups across the country have launched a new campaign for consumer safety.  Using a list of over 100 chemicals of concern, groups are targeting major retailers to reformulate consumer products.  The full list of chemicals (including BPA, PVC and others) was sent to 10 companies yesterday along with a letter signed by […]

Silent Spring on Hidden Toxins

Consumer Products Contain Potentially Harmful Chemicals Not Listed on Labels Health conscious consumers often pore over product labels trying to avoid certain ingredients. But those labels can be incomplete. A new Silent Spring Institute study shows that everyday products contain a wide range of potentially harmful chemicals, including many that are not listed on product […]

Institute of Medicine’s “Breast Cancer and the Environment: A Life Course Approach”

You may have heard of an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report released recently, Breast Cancer and the Environment: A Life Course Approach, discussing environmental impacts on breast cancer risk. The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition is encouraged by the findings of the report – evidence that MBCC has long supported – recognizing the need to further research the […]

MBCC Awarded: Environmental Justice Work

The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition was honored to accept the 2010 Boston REACH Coalition award in appreciation for the organizations outstanding commitment and partnership.  MBCC, along with the REACH Coalition, held three conferences addressing the specific issues that black women confront in the face of breast cancer.  The organization is also committed to promoting breast […]