MBCC Webinar Series Recordings

MBCC Webinar Series Recordings

Please visit the links below for recordings from the MBCC Webinar Series. To see the 2018 schedule of speakers, please click HERE.

The Precautionary Principle: What’s in it for you?

        featuring Dr. Carlos Sonnenschein (March 2018)

Toxic Legacy of Early Life Exposure To Tetrachloroethylene-contaminated Drinking Water

        featuring Dr. Ann Aschengrau (January 2018)

Environmental Chemicals and Breast Cancer

        featuring Kathryn Rodgers (October 2017)

Update on Breast Cancer and the Environment: Xenoestrogens in the 21st Century 

featuring Dr. Devra Lee Davis (September 2017)

Emerging Contaminants in Massachusetts Drinking Water

featuring Dr. Laurel Schaider (April 2017)

Does Carcinogenesis Start in the Womb? Endocrine Disruptors and Breast Cancer

featuring Dr. Ana Soto (February 2017)

Personalized Decision Making in Breast Cancer. Why Prevention Matters More Than Ever

featuring Dr. John Erban (November 2016)

Perchloroethylene, Breast Cancer, and Prevention

featuring Dr. Richard Clapp (May 2016)

Inside Detox Me – A New Mobile App from Silent Spring Institute

featuring Dr. Jessica Helm (March 2016)

Fluorinated Chemicals in Consumer Products and Drinking Water: Health Concerns and Tips for Reducing Your Exposure

featuring Dr. Laurel Schaider (February 2016)