Submitted by Margo Simon Golden, President of the Board of Directors of MBCC

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and their colleagues released their October 2013 Committee Opinion, Exposure to Toxic Environmental Agents, advising health care providers “to alert patients regarding avoidance of toxic exposures” and “join leading scientists and other clinical practitioners in calling for timely action to identify and reduce exposure to toxic environmental agents while addressing the consequences of such exposure “. In response, the chemical industry, represented by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) states, “current environmental regulations offer enough consumer protection, and that the new report will create ‘confusion and alarm among expectant mothers’ and distract them from proven steps for a healthy pregnancy.”

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Protect Your Family From Herbicide Spraying

Submitted by Sue Phelan ( or 508.362.5927) The corporate giant NSTAR/Northeast Utilities (NU) and others such as National Grid, the railroads and MTA are all poised to spray their toxic mixtures of herbicides over residential and public properties statewide. These corporations do not own the land in most cases. They only have easements over the […]

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Support Environmental Health Research in Massachusetts

Ask your state Rep to co-sponsor the funding request for Silent Spring Institute to conduct water quality research.

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Give Toxics the Boot – Thursday March 27th!

In light of yesterday’s tragedy in Back Bay, today’s press conference has been cancelled but the film screening will go on. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the two firefighters who lost their lives in the call of duty. Firefighters risk their lives every day on the job, but flames aren’t […]

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